Sword Swallow

Elle is one of only a few female sword swallowers in Australia. This act involves a high level of both skill and danger as she passes a steel blade down her throat and into the pit of her stomach.


Fire Eating

Elle is a highly skilled fire performer.


Fire Fans

A highly innovative combination of fire fans and lyra never before seen in Australia.

hoop fire fan 3


Sword Ladder

Walking up, and then in a world first, hula hooping on a ladder of razor sharp swords!

The Syndicate (51)

Glass Walking

Walking and bathing in broken glass.

The Syndicate (2)

Bed of Swords

A new take on the classic bed-of-nails act, laying on a bed of swords

presenting swords


Elle performs a Shibari act with Japanese rope bondage practitioner Ginger Snapz

Ginger and Elle

Pole Dancing

Elle is a highly skilled pole dancer with 10 years of dancing and teaching experience. She is the current senior spinning pole instructor at Bottoms Up Burlesque and Pole School. Elle also owns an X Stage portable pole which is available for hire.


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