Red Light Confidential July 20th Melbourne


Tickets here.


Burly Q Club


I’m very excited to announce I’m featured as part of the all-star line up for the Burly Q Club’s premier season on the 3rd and 17th of December. Get your tickets here as they will sell out!

UK 2016

It’s getting a bit too cold here so I’m heading somewhere just a little bit warmer. My dates for the UK summer are:

23rd July-10th of August Bunker and The Syndicate, with The Syndicate  in London

13th-16th August Boomtown with The Syndicate

I’m available for sword swallow and fire gigs in London from the 23rd July-10th August and then gigs in London or Edinburgh  16th-22nd August.

Email me at chestofwonders0@gmail.com for all your props-fellatio needs.

Perth Fringe World 2016

I have been performing in several shows this Perth Fringe season and I’m having an excellent time! Here’s some of the reviews:

Cut-Throat Cabaret

‘The night ended in style with a mash up of aerial and fire work from Elle Diablo. With a killer song, a creepy mask and a sinister political message it was a badass finale fitting for a showcase that celebrated the weird and wonderful world of Fringe.’ -The Perth Project Feb 11

‘Last up was Victorian-based performer, Elle Diablo, in a rollerskating, fire-eating disco inferno. I loved this act, although it was quite short, and would really enjoy seeing more from this gal. She’ll be performing in a few more Fringe shows, so check her out when you get the chance.’ -Jay’s Completely Unsolicited Reviews, Feb 13 2016

El Bizarro

‘Next up was a run of burlesque from Perth-darling Vivian Marlowe, former West Aussie now based in Canada Agatha Frisky and Victorian superbabe Elle Diablo. Each act brought something to the table to kick things up a notch – Vivian Marlowe had a gorgeously surreal costume and ended her hip-shaking number covered in a gloriously glittery number, while Agatha Frisky teamed up with her husband (the Great Gadso) to deliver a deliciously kinky performance and Elle Diablo finished with a bang by swallowing a sword.’ – The Perth Project, 15th of Feb 2016
El Bizarro is running until the 21st of Feb with tickets still available at http://www.fringeworld.com. The show is then heading to Adelaide Fringe 22nd-28th Feb 2016!

‘Nightmares’ Double Fire Act

On Halloween Ember and I debuted our brand new fire act at Pandemonium at the Thornbury Theatre feating several of our new props. Video to come.

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Melbourne Fringe

Things have finally calmed down after Chest of Wonders season at the Circus Oz Spiegaltent for Melbourne Fringe Festival. Thank you so much to our wonderful cast who again were so amazing. Chest of Wonders is going to have some down time over the next 12 months so that everyone can concentrate on their solo projects. Here’s a couple of audience snaps from the show and a little preview video made by the incomparable Chris Bennett.

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Wow Singapore!

A huge thank you to Lucha Libre Australia and Humblot Watches for involving me in this massive project! What an excellent show with even better people. Here’s a little video I have a two second cameo in. Singapore, you were phenomenal!

Lucha Libre Mexican Wrestling in Singapore!

After a kick-ass show in Hamburg I have been enjoying some down time in Europe before returning home, unpacking and repacking my suitcase, and heading to Singapore for the Lucha Libre Mexican Wrestling Big Bang Showdown! I’m so excited for this show! Wrestling, stunts, massive party and fire- all of my favorite things! If you’re in Singapore, come! If you know someone there, tell them about it! If you’re not and you don’t know anyone, too bad. I’m premiering a brand new act with new fire fans picked up on my travels.

Hamburg at the Queen Calavera!

Captain Ruin and I are bringing our special brand of death punk burlesque and sideshow to Hamburg on Wednesday.Qeen Calavera

New sword! Meet ‘Needle’

Runner Up Miss Ink Melbourne 2015!

Over the weekend I was crowned Runner Up Miss Ink Melbourne! Congratulations to the glorious Dahlia Black ho took the title. See us both compete for the national title in December in Melbourne 2015. Post Miss Ink

Bunker Promo Video

In December I had the pleasure of first meeting and working with Captain Ruin and Samora Squid on The Syndicate’s project Bunker. It is the ‘dark’ show in our repertoire; the struggle of three siblings, children of a cult left behind after a mass suicide. The show combines physical theater and a truly disturbing soundtrack by Samora Squid to immerse the audience in the children’s twisted world within the bunker. Premiered at Woodford Folk Festival 2014.

‘You guys are some fucked up units’- Random Hippie

The Syndicate

The Syndicate have a new website! http://www.thesyndicatesideshow.com

Look at these beautiful weirdos!

Europe 2015

I’ll be in Berlin, Hamburg, The Czech Republic, Austria and possibly Croatia in late July-early August. I’m looking for places to train and I’m up for any gigs that are available. If you’re a local to As I’ll be there on the 29th of July with Jen-o-cide, Samora Squid and Captain Ruin for some lovely grind-core fun at https://www.facebook.com/events/1554768434773687/



Saving you some time on Google here’s some of the media I’ve done over the years…